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Ditch the Joneses, Discover Your Family is an excellent resource for families that want to live on less money and spend more time together. Parents who want the real deal on thinking through finances will find it in this unique book.”

-Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times Bestselling author of Have a Happy Family by Friday

“If there is a ‘required reading list’ for new parents, employed parents with questions about their values, or employers who are concerned about the family life of their needed employees — this book should be on that list!

The author has done her homework through personal experience, through the research and survey responses of a wide variety of people at many different stages of home, family and employment life.

The experiences, insights and stories of many parents and children will provide the reader with multiple stimulations and resources for evaluating their quality and quantity of parenting, reducing or increasing work hours, budgeting, prioritizing, self-care, etc.

This is a book worth investing in! It will pay dividends for a lifetime!”
-Rev. Dr. David S. Belasic, Pastor and past president of the Eastern Lutheran District and father of three

“It was our plan to be able to have one of us at home to raise our children. There are many ideas and suggestions in this book that made it easier for us to accomplish this goal. As a father, it is a good feeling to know that my wife is able to be at home with our children as much as possible.”
-Dr. Michael Fabrizzi, Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer and father of two

“Tough financial times are going to make the ‘luxury’ of living on one salary even tougher for young couples with children. Cathi’s well-researched and parent-tested advice about how to make lifestyle changes in order to spend more time at home with your children is more valuable now than ever. From making that initial decision to increase the quality of your family life through creating an action plan, Cathi’s got it covered. And so can YOU !”
-Mary Lou Kish, M.S., Assistant Professor and mother of 4

“Deciding to work from home can be a scary proposition. While cutting
back or losing a salary can seem devastating, it doesn’t have to be.
Ms. Doebler offers insight and alternatives for the working family. By
using her experience and knowledge, Ms. Doebler allows families to
refocus, gain perspective, and decide whether working from home is the right option for them.”
-Erin Coss, k2e books, Inc., co-author of My Hospital Journal, and mother of three

“This book is very timely! In a time when both parents work to have the things they want, this book really focuses on the value of being a parent and raising children in today’s world. The author has shown that you can have the best of both worlds without sacrificing the needs of the child. The blessings that will come from reading the book and then determining a plan for your life will cause a lasting reward.”
-William D. Cochran, Director of School Ministry, District and Congregational Services, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

“As a mother of two, who gave up her career to be home with her children, I can see how this book would provide a wealth of information for families looking for ways to simplify and prioritize in order to put the needs of their children first. No one is going to raise your children like you will, so if you are looking for concrete advice on how to cut costs to live on one income or on how to lighten your work load – this book is for you! Cathi speaks from personal experience and has also spent hours doing research and gathering surveys from others who have been successful in putting their family first.”
-Michele Thiele, certified teacher and mother of two

“While working with expectant mothers, I often hear about the ways they are trying to provide balance for their families. This book addresses many of the challenges that these new mothers face, and provides solid and useful ideas for those challenges.”
-John M. Budzinski, M.D.

“Cathi’s book is a keeper…the author captures the real essence of saving cash as well as enhancing the strength of the family.  Chapter 7, Ways to Save Money, is worth the cost of the book.  It is a fun read!”
-Rev. Carl A. Streufert, Spiritual Care Director, First Trinity Lutheran Church